SDC Cloud Retention Policy and Backup - 02/08/2022

SDC has released a new backup, snapshot and retentions policy.  The policy incorporates 30 days of backups way of snapshots that occurs every 2hrs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This creates by default a rapid recovery that is available to every VM, Appliance, Template, Extent, Nested VM, Nested Hypervisors, Media Servers, Servers, Workstations and more.  This is regardless of the OS.

ZFS allows seamless replication to our Headstores.  From there we replicate to 2 adjacent Datacenters to create a unique high availability opportunity for your data.  Speed is key and with our high-capacity availability, we can restore a full 48TB in about 16 minutes.

To obtain restores, it is now very simple.  Go to and request a restore.  We can perform, Whole VM, Files, Networks and more.  It is neatly placed into your RESTORES container and now you can access your valuable data.

As we grow, we incorporate more into our cloud, no Nickle and Dime games to increase revenue, these features come fully operational and ready with every solution we provide.  We invest heavily into our valuable customer - YOU!

*This will be completed by 1st quarter 2022.