Do you know Immunet - 03/31/2022

Immunet is fantastic in many ways, a Cisco product, a Family line that integrate with Windows, Linux and Mac.  Thin fast and free.  The solution is free in the SDC Cloud and creates a Segway for you to install you own RMM solution or utilize immunet.  It also works in tandem with Talos from Cisco and your PFSense solution that you may be using.  As good as it is, from time to time we see impact to particular activity.  Like almost all AV/Malware agents, they take up resource.  IF you feel like Immunet may be a culprit in performance, feel free to stop and verify, or simple remove it.  He is a way to stop the service. Development is looking into this. For now though I think the easiest way to completely disable Immunet would be to right click on the Immunet System Tray icon and select Hide Tray Icon from the little popup menu. Then use the CMD command: net stop immunetprotect

This will kill both iptray.exe & agent.exe


You can then simply reboot to bring it all back online as was.  Or you can uninstall it like any other software package.


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