SDC Las Vegas - IP Space of the network. - 5/4/2022

SDC is pleased to announce a new IP space block and migration from Legacy space to new space with ARIN authority.  We have been phasing out space for well over a year and we are now migrating the last of those blocks.  The new space is in a larger BANDWIDTH family and has newer hardware, switches and routers.  To make this easy, we have began to move space freely and have already merged the networks.

If losing your IP will impact you, please make note of your IP (s) space and open a case immediately at (self signed and not chrome friendly.) We will promptly work to set the space statically and leave your connections bridged to the legacy platform.  This will preserve IP, DNS, PTR and traffic, you will not have access to the new 100Gb backbone.


This transition is occuring real-time.  Please report any IP concerns to https://help, (self signed and not chrome friendly.)

We look forward to the new backbone with bigger, better, services upon that your move.


SDC Syptec Support Team