SDC Mont / Adirondack open full scale - 05/18/2022

SDC Mont as we call it includes a huge upgrade to the Atlantic Eastcoast or the US/CAN and into markets served by NYC, New Jersey, Boston and overlap to Philly.  We have peering to Microsoft, Amazon, Google, with on premise NTP with Caching from Cloudflare.  Service is a Multipoint segway for US/CAN with business in bothside of the border.  We are excited as all hardware is the latest and great from oracle on the storage aspect with HP and Supermicro being the front runner for Hypers.


Something unique to here is all the Canada enable peering, Quebec, Toronto, Ottowa and of course Montreal.  It is 100% powered on Ultra-ZFS and we have 3 tiers of performance to offer.  Fast, faster and even faster.  Off to the races here on the Eastcoast.

Come test drive fast today.


SDC Cloud International Team.